eriktology Scriptures

ANNOUNCEMENT: The eriktolgy scripture and workbooks will no longer be available. They have been taken off-line for updating. When they are ready to be republished, a notice will be placed on the site.

After months and months of work I am glad to announce that that eriktology Scriptues is now available. While it is a larger file than most on this site, I have done my best to keep the size to a minimum. This is aside from the cover, a black and white printable version of the complete Old Testament and New Testament converted from the Massoretic text, and and Greek text.

Once again all efforts have been made to insure that the work is a correct and perfect as possible, but after looking at thousands of lines of text and code, I still make mistakes. Let us know if someone sees something and we shall do our best to make any corrections.

eriktology The Shield’s Project

What is this… ?

I propose the project of making a series of “picture books” which each contain a dozen images
of ancient Shields, totaling 200 ultimately, like Solomon had made.

Each Shield will have written on it, text from the Scripture of “TORAH, NEVAIM and KETUVIM”
which is called “TANAK” and otherwise referred to as the “Old Testament”.

The orthography of each text is written in the eriktology font of Paleo- Hebrew.

Why ?

In order to encourage the fulfillment of pre-requisite conditions stated in Ezekiel 36: 23…
and doing as we were instructed in Jeremiah 31: 20…

and accomplish the turn-about of Deuteronomy 30: 1 and 2.

To facilitate Deuteronomy 6 :4… by reminding each other about Deuteronomy 5: 29.

What to know more? Download and read it for yourself.