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What is eriktology?

eriktology is the study of Paleo Hebrew conducted by looking at the pictographic expressions for each of the 22 Letters, and postulating that their specific placement in the chronological string of letters called the ALEF-BEIT is of “Divine Origin” – that is, not of Human invention and not random.

Registry, archives, an Index… a Chart.

eriktology is the study of how words are spelled, believing that the Creator of the Universe invented and spoke Hebrew as His first – best option for accuracy.





eriktology Paleo Hebrew Letter Study

Ever wanted to learn more about the ancient pictographic Hebrew language and learn about what is written in the Bible. Translations can be messy and confusing. Join us and start at the beginning and find out why others are so excited about what is actually written within the covers that millions of people have been reading.

The Shields Project

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