The Earth’s original Language

A certain word pronounced “ghe’-reckx” sounds similar to the English word “erik”.

It means : to set in order, a military battle array, an organized preparation such as a table setting, to make something presentable- able to be appreciated so it’s value can be assessed such as a museum display, or an entry in an encyclopedia or dictionary…

Registry, archives, an Index… a Chart.

“eriktology” – the study of Hebrew conducted by looking at the pictographic expressions for each of the 22 letters… and postulating that their placement in the chronological string of letters called the ALEF-BEIT, forms an intentional communication- a message- an outreach by the Author of that sequence… which is encoded by the pictures, the letter shapes.

The purpose of this set of images was to offer a self-referential introduction to sentient explorers of its arrangement. The ALEF-BEIT was designed to be investigated.
I believe “AHYH”, of Exodus 3, the One referred to as “I AM”, invented the Hebrew ALEF-BEIT.

The first letter, ALEF is a gesture of “I am… and I will…” each next letter is the explanation.

The “Word”, the “Logos”, referred to in the Gospel of John, Chapter One… is the very ALEFBEIT itself, and was the tool by which all else was constructed and implemented.

Thus, even non-material processes such as “thinking” or “memory” are ordered according to patterns embedded within the format of the ALEF-BEIT.
Cognition is a function programmed by this string of Hebrew Letters.

Eric Bissell
Portland Oregon, OR
United States