About eriktology

What is the ALEF-BEIT?

The ALEF-BEIT is a “Message” directly from ‘On High’ to Humans on Earth. Intentional Communication The ALEF-BEIT is an outreach by its Author – disclosing His Identity and Intent – by Designing the 22 Letter shapes and sequence order according to an encrypted Code called the MISHKAN Pattern.

The Hebrew word spelled OYIN-RESH-KAF which might be written ‘ORK’ – is pronounced very similar to the English word “erik”. ORK means : Prepare, to set in order, appraise, to arrange an organized presentation such as a table setting or military battle array, or a museum display where something’s value may be assessed and appreciated by comparison, an entry in an encyclopedia or dictionary.

Learning Paleo Hebrew , as you will see, brings the Word of YHUH to light in ways that other languages cannot do. 

What is our Mission?

Our mission is to provide lessons, tools, and resources that will facilitate your learning the “ShAPhaH QODESH” – what is called the “Holy Language”.

Our efforts are in the hope that your experience would be interesting, understandable and fun! What better way to grow in – and walk with – our ‘Heavenly Father’… than to learn his language?

As you begin the Journey with eriktology, you will quickly notice that there is no clear definite place to begin. The study is not a curriculum set in advancing progression. The appreciation of Paleo Hebrew is more of a “consciousness” …
rather than a collection of facts, or a function of exercises. What you get out of the study is exactly what you put into it proactively. There is serious benefit to be had for writing the Letters with your own hand.


In the ‘Writings” section are various articles and explanations which you are free to download and share.

Any “eriktology translation” of Scripture is unlike any other Translation.The entire eriktology experience is a “Work In Progress”… It is a Scientific Investigation It is Subjective Art. It is “Paleo” : a Miracle… Secret… Wonderful, Marvelous, Hidden, Mystery, Ancient, Primordial, Distinguished.

“Ground Zero” is a writing from 2020 which addresses “what and why”. “The Shields project” is about 180 pages explaining the nature of the eriktology study from about a dozen different angles. “Four Carpenters” or also titled “Trouble with Christmas” gives a full index of pertinent Scripture References as to the “reason for the confusion”.


The Video Library is an assortment of talks recorded at various  gatherings – beginning with the one in 2006 – entitled “So What”. Some are Skype calls, some are at Group Events, some are in a home. Some videos are recorded at week-long Festival occasions.

The Video section is not indexed by topic necessarily – usually it is by event.

The “eriktology Class” of 2011 is 60 hours in length, was presented in increments of two hours per week over a period of six months, and explains each letter for about two hours.

“Calgary 2016” and “Calgary 2017” are about 30 hours and 15 hours. They present the information so as to conduct an illiterate person from having “no regard – to – Full Regard” of the significance of this Study.

Most presentations are expressed so that the novice or beginner can jump in equally with a very literate scholar.

Charts and Graphics…

“The Chart” made in the year 2010 is a great, but complicated place to begin. It can be found in the ‘Graphics’ section.

You are welcome to reproduce it at print shop, and we have some copies available. Its best most clear size is about 28” wide by 40” tall. The ‘top half’ of the Chart displays how each of the 22 Letters can be ‘seen’ or ‘interpreted’ by each of the other 22 Letters as if each Letter was a unique “perspective” or a “viewpoint” from which each Letter could be described – as if each Letter was a ‘different dimension’, by which to assess each Letter.

On a personal note…

Nothing in the website is restricted from view or demands a payment. The “Books” of the eriktology Scriptures and Workbook can be downloaded… at present, they do not exist as a printed Book.

Tangible Materials such as Graphic Prints – ‘Posters’ or the Deck of Study Cards are available to buy.

If you have any Questions:
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Please feel free to engage us personally… but bear in mind that things happen to disrupt expectations… so please do not take personal offense if communication is slow.
Numerous times, the entire email record has disappeared, taking all communications to the “nether-world”.  Plus, we all are diligently working with full-time occupational distractions.